Members - Place

3rd FEBRUARY 2012:

Opening of the group exhibition


on Friday at 7pm.

The Serpentine Community Gallery

presents a group exhibition

from artists of the Northern Rivers,

exploring the idea of 'Place'......

Emotional, intellectual, physical,

psychic and purely imaginary places....

Different places mean different things to all of us.

You are invited to share and enjoy

a night of good company and refreshments

in Lismore's home of community art.

Place is on view until

27th February 2012.

Place - has many different meanings

That sense of place may be a location, space, spot, area, position, point, site, situation, circumstance,

setting, scene, locality, view, landscape, outlook, vista, background, field, arena, surroundings, scenery,

locale, venue, backdrop, context, vicinity, neighbourhood, hinterland

Natural world, nature, ecosystem, environment, mountains, seas, oceans, hills, forests, lakes, deserts, rainforests, scenery, macrocosm, microcosm; the Universe, space, planets, moons, galaxies

Inside, outside, at home, in the mind, familiar or strange, scary or magical, spiritual and mystical, unusual, special, sacred, memorable, the place you call "home", dreams, fantasy, legendary place, imaginary place, religious place 

A place you don't want to be or some place you remember; place in the physical, mental, emotional body

Place in my world; place in the world; place in life - age, development, childhood

Out of place / in place; displaced

'Sunset Over Alice'

by Eddie D. Raft

'Mt Gillen'

Acrylic on canvas

by Eddie D. Raft

'Sense of Place'

by Valerie Thompson

Sense of Place 2:

'Bush Wedding'


Sense of Place 1:


Mixed media



Tasmania is a harsh place. Home to some of the most Majestic Species on the Planet, they tower above a desperate landscape dominated by despair and destruction.

For those brave (and stupid) enough to step outside the comfort zone and stand up for these species, it is a complex relationship with the wild.

‘Alone' explores the interconnection and isolation, - physical, emotional and spiritual.

‘Bush Wedding’ captures the nurturing aspects of this relationship depicting a Tasmanian couple sharing vows under the giant they met and courted under.

Note: All proceeds go to Direct Action Campaigns Protecting Tasmania’s Ancient Forests.

'Voodoo Goes To The Mental Mind'

Mixed media

by Chang

'Opencut 3'

Oils on canvas

by Clare Twomey


Oil on canvas

by Janelle Buckley

'My Place'

Mixed media