Members and Volunteers - Vollies

4th MAY 2007: Vollies exhibition by eight volunteers

of the Serpentine Community Gallery, at 6pm.

As artists-cum-helpers of the gallery since its opening,

who have all found the atmosphere of this not-for-profit community-run artspace to be casual, comfortable and ultimately practical

- just like a pair of Vollies -

the featured artists were quick to agree on the name for their exhibition.

With the artworks in Vollies,

Amy Harris, Ana Jol, Carolyn Carey, Daphne Kalmakutadux, Leesh Gray, Rin Batt-Rawden, Shane Duniam, Simon Ennew and Skot Jenkin present an interesting and eye-catching array of paintings, prints,

sculptures and mixed media works.

Top row: 'Horn' fibre by Ana Jol, 'Mary' by Carolyn Carey, unknown,

'Lizard Eggs' by Daphne Kalmakutadux Bottom row: 'untitled' by Shane Duniam

Vollies - on view at the Serpentine

until 27th May, 2007.

    Artist unknown


17 Bridge St, North Lismore, NSW, 2480.

Contact (02) 6621 6845 or serpentineartsgallery@gmail.com