Anything Goes


The Serpentine Community Gallery


'Anything Goes'

- the first members show for 2014.

The opening celebration

 will take place on


On view from

21/1/2014 to 3/2/2014.

'Egret, series 1, no. 1'

'Egret, series 1, no. 2'

'Egret, series 1, no. 3'

'Egret, series 2, no. 2'

'Egret, series 2, no. 3'

'Egret, series 2, no. 1'

Oil on board works by Ken Swan

'Coff's Creek' - oil on board by Ken Swan

'Put on your red shoes baby'

 'Green Lulu'

'The judge'

Oil on canvas works by Belinda Roelvink


mixed media

'Watcher no. 6'

print on canvas


mixed media on canvas


mixed media

'Youth' (1)

 'Flooded gum (leaf)' (4)