Rebecca Probyn

Pluridisciplinairy performer/artist

- also known as Natimuk345

Recently returned to Australia

after living in Paris for over 11 years,

Rebecca Probyn

 has worked with some of that city's

most experimental, energetic,

innovative and creative artists

in dance,


costume, shadows,

video and sculpture.

'Jurassic Pin-Up'

 Make-Up Shoot, Funny Natimuk - 2010

Rebecca Probyn

is one of the performance artists

who will showcase

their skills and talents

at the opening celebration for

Scarlet 2011

on Friday the 3rd of June,

from 6pm.



by Kommune Photos of Melbourne

As a resident artist at:

* “Le Carrosse” Paris,  (atypic art laboratory and art cultural centre)(2009,08,07),

* Vincennes (poesie urbain power station) (2006),

* the Paleo-Botanic parc at St Margerite-Sur-Mer (2008,07),

* Nanterre (Echafaudages du Réel) (2006)

* “Alternation” (art cultural centre at Nation) (2005)

"Maison Nanterre"

Installation: exterior and interior

and in a creative duo with sculpter/performer Michel Tokio (Michel Angel Bonaldo),

Rebecca continues to develop creative relations between science,

nature and imaginairy poetic and textual themes.

Bambuco-Y-Space-Transvision theatre,

Nexus Youth,

Theatre Research Institute,


Medecines du Monde,

Les echaffaudages du Réel.

Rebecca and Michel have come to Australia<