Global Videos

As the Australian venue

for this worldwide art-video exhibition,

Lismore’s Serpentine Community Gallery

is pleased to invite everyone to the screening of

'Global Videos'

on International Human Rights Day

– 10 December 2016.

Doors open at 7pm, Global Videos starts at 7.30pm.

Length: 2 hours including a short intermission.

Light refreshments will be available.

In When I Grow Up,

a featured art-video by Northern Rivers’ artist Neil Howe,

a collage of animated digital images and 21st century news reports paints a very grim picture of the world today,

as primary school children from Lismore and South Africa optimistically say how the world will be when they grow up.

This video won the Metropolis Award

at the 2010 Madrid Festival of Contemporary Audio Visual Arts, the Audience and 2nd Place Awards

at the 2011 Blue Banana Video Festival in  Bavaria,

and was nominated for Best Byron Film

at the 2012 Byron Bay International Film Festival.

Worldwide Video-art Project Marks International Human Rights Day

On 10 December 1948 the UN Council adopted

the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Each year this date is commemorated by

International Human Rights Day.

To mark the day, Dutch organisation `Global Village Artists Network` (stichting White Cube) has created a truly worldwide project.

Not only have video-artists from all over the globe contributed,

we have also arranged for Global Videos to be

shown simultaneously at 16 venues worldwide.

Stimulating cultural exchange between artists and the public is

the key factor in Global Village Artists Network (stichting White Cube) productions. The group is best known for its biennial art-project

Global Village, which began in 2010. ‘Meeting’ is the central theme: artists from all over the world meet each other and the public.

Every two years about 65 emerging artists are selected.

To date, Global Village exhibitions have taken place

in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Denmark, Azerbaijan and Macedonia. Stichting White Cube also organizes other

exhibitions and projects within the EU.

Global Videos is a daughter project of Global Village.

With the Global Village project we were faced with various logistical problems, such as transport costs, visa, customs, etc. which

prevented many artists from attending our exhibitions.

Artists from Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia

especially found it difficult to get visas or to transport their art.

With Global Videos we have found a way to receive art-videos

from each part of the world by internet; no visa, transport or

customs problems. The internet also allows us to send the videos gathered back into the world to reach audiences outside

our regular exhibition circuit. 

2016 is the first year we have organized Global Videos.

Our aim is to build up audiences in the coming 2 years,

so that in 2018, when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights celebrates its 70th birthday, we can organize Global Videos

 at 70 locations around the world (on all continents)

with 70 art-videos made by artists from each corner of this earth.

Thanks to our partners the 28 art-videos featured in

Global Videos 2016 can now be seen on 5 continents,

with screenings organized in the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Pakistan, Poland, Nepal, Macau, Italy, Scotland, Macedonia, Brazil and Australia.

- 28 art videos from every part of the globe to every part of the globe.

Bringing the importance of human rights to GLOBAL VILLAGE a global audience. -

RED DOTS: screening locations || BLUE DOTS: video-artist locations