Soul of the Soil

"Soul of the Soil"

- a showcase of ceramics and drawings by Kerry Negus -

will be on view at the Serpentine Community Gallery

from the 1st to the 20th of November 2017.

You are welcome to join us for a combined opening celebration

together with Robyn Staines' solo show

"Forgotten Names"

on Friday the 3rd of November at 6pm.

The exhibition, "Soul of the Soil", is the culmination

of 4 years of work for Kerry Negus as she finishes her

Advanced Diploma of Visual arts at Lismore TAFE.

The exhibition contains both figurative ceramic sculpture

and symbolic, narrative drawings.

Kerry’s art speaks of connection and awareness of the sacred and essential relationships between ourselves and the planet.

Rather than consuming blindly, with little awareness

of where the things we use actually come from,

"Soul of the Soil" promotes a small example

of what can be created when

we listen to and respect the land around us.

Kerry creates artworks using the earth.

She collects materials from her immediate environment

and transforms these into artist’s tools.

She makes paint, pencils, brushes, charcoal, inks and glazes.

'Future Dirt'

From these materials and tools,

Kerry then creates drawings on recycled paper

and finishes her clay sculptures with glazes.

She can tell you exactly

where each element has come from.

To start with dirt and sticks,

connect with these materials

and the land where they have come from,

and then to be inspired to create artworks

is an elemental part of Kerry's process.

Her work is a collaboration with the earth.


Kerry's process diary, and samples of her tools, colours and glaze tests

'Offering Bowls'

These are examples of what different raw materials create when fired to 1300 degrees Celsius.

As it is all experimental, these are not food safe but can be used as offering bowls,

or for holding your treasures ... or just to admire.