A Stitch In Time

Opening at 7pm on Friday the 7th February 2014

is Jeht Burgoyne's debut solo exhibition

'A Stitch in Time'

- of body and mind, the heart and hands,

a journey through the creative fire.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Entry is free.

Featuring a collection of paintings, printmaking, etchings

and sculptures, in 'A Stitch in Time', Jeht Burgoyne has

sewn together both her passion for dressmaking

and her enthusiasm for art.

Predominantly red, black, white and beige, the artworks, which are heavily influenced by her 15 years in the Northern Rivers fashion industry, portray a unique and somewhat

dark fusion of fashion tools such as scissors, needles and

a sewing machine with what looks to be a seamstress.

The inspiration behind the exhibition came at a time

when Jeht was grappling with the decision to pursue

a career as a full-time artist or to continue her role

as a professional seamstress and clothes designer.

"The foundation of the work started with my career in

fashion and how you almost become a tool of the trade.

I was at that point where I didn't even want to go near

my sewing room, so I took all that emotion and put it into

my art. I came to the conclusion that my clothing designs

were also an art form. So I didn't need to decide.

I think as an artist you just come to a point where you become a bit dry, or you need to do something else,

need to be re-inspired or reinvigorated,"  she said.

On view until the 21st of February 2014.

'Puss and boots'

Perspex etching

Sepia ink on acid free paper print

'Male Nude'

Pastel drawing on paper

30cm wide x 42cm high

'Crab with missing claw and sea sponge'

Etching print made from perspex plate

'The phone call'

Linocut print

Hand colored with chine-colle