Salon Des Refuses

The Northern Rivers Portrait Prize 2013

Salon des Refuses

opens at the Serpentine Community Gallery

on Friday 7th June 2013 at 7pm.

The Artworks


Winner of the 'Peoples Choice Award'

Susannah French


Portrait of: Kalon Davis

Kirily Thomson

"Joel Peters, Deputy Captain, Ballina 211"

My 4 year old son idolizes Fireman Sam.

When do we stop admiring firefighters and instead turn to

sports stars or celebrities for our moral compass in life?

Meet Joel Peters; 44years old; Married; 2 kids; likes to play basketball.

Sam thinks nothing of putting his life at risk to save the lives of others and their property. It’s all in a day’s work. Joel is my hero next door. He represents for me

all those real people in our community who are the nuts and bolts of society, whose very presence allows us to live lives of choice and security.  Police officers,

teachers, ambos, nurses, doctors, firefighters……  We don’t pay them much.

We don’t lavish them with riches and fame.  But we expect them to be there when

we need them.  And they are. When we are 4 we want to grow up to be just like them.  We pretend to be them.  Somehow, we are able to recognise the true wonderfulness of being a firefighter.  These are the people, who are strong and

brave and expect nothing in return; who get on with the job; who put others first.  Joel is exactly the sort of person I want in my community and

exactly the sort of person who deserves our admiration and respect.

Kristin Hardiman


Anne Thompson is a 75 year old Grandmother

from a cattle farm in Eltham, NSW.

She has a strong and compassionate spirit

and is actively involved in the community round Lismore.

She has organised drought relief for farming families

during the long droughts and more recently for flood

ravaged families. Anne is a passionate anti coal seam

gas activist and was the co-organiser of the recent

“No Gas Rig Gig” which raised money for health tests

on the effects of coal seam gas for the people

of Tara where mining has already begun.

Anne is also involved in the Knitting Nana’s Group

and has taught Jazzersize in the local community

for over 30 years.

Heidi Ledwell    

"Don's Fractured Life"’

I first met Don on a rainy afternoon in March this year.

Don Knight is a dedicated farmer who has had his

world turned upside down by the arrival of a Metgasco Drilling rig.

Through nothing else but the location of his farm,

Don has been thrown into the frontline of the anti-CSG campaign.

Now forced to align with greenies, protestors and some fellow farmers,

Don has taken up the battle to keep Northern Rivers CSG free

and his own plot safe from contamination.

When I met Don he was weary from 7 weeks of hard and fast protesting,

3 years of living with the unknown

and labeled crazy by some neighbours for siding with the protesters.

Don’s life and community have become fractured.

The stitching in this painting represents fragile ties with

our environment and the tentative ties we have to the world around us.

Jill Thomas

"Mother's appearance in the 1940's"

My imagination is never still. I am always stimulated by images,

composition, colour and design. I constantly take photographs

and collect pictures old and new from different sources. I also

sketch and write down my ideas. Sometimes these develop

into more in-depth ideas and detailed images.

My work focuses on my emotional attachment to people,

animals and nature. I tend to use a loose, impressionistic

to abstract style with a composition of unusual visual angles.

I always try to portray certain energy.

This work was a true labour of love where I tried to stay true

to my Mother’s appearance in the 1940’s;

to portray that ethereal beauty and serene energy.

Using monochromatic colour scheme allowed me to focus on tone.

I moved to the Northern Rivers some years ago

to be closer to my Mother who was suffering from Dementia,

a condition that stole her ethereal beauty and serenity.

The Dementia did not end well

but I have never regretted moving to the Northern Rivers.

Aesha Kennedy

"Portrait of Belinda Jeffrey"

I was so happy when Belinda agreed to let me do her

portrait. She said she was honoured, but honestly