Jeremy Austin


mixed media on paper

from Decadence - A celebration of 10 Years of Art and Community - November/December 2016

'Highway Bat'

mixed media on canvas

'Ponchoman sculpture'

mixed media and timber

from X - August 2016


mixed media on canvas

From the 10th to the 27th of July 2016,

Byron Bay RAW: 2014 Visual Artist of the Year

Jeremy Austin presents a solo show entitled

"Instances: the art of the maker"

at the Serpentine Community Gallery.

The opening celebration will take place on

Sunday 10th July 2016, from 3-6pm.

A 'pop-up' version of Jeremy's studio is to be created

in Gallery 2 for the duration of this exhibition.

Jeremy Austin is a visual artist who works in a

variety of mediums out of his studio in Lismore.

Growing up in his father’s art store, surrounded by

art materials his entire life, he found himself

becoming a keen mark maker.

Never straying far from the tactile world, he

 graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts with a

focus on light projection, sculpture and animation.

Austin’s work has been featured in International

Animation Festivals both in Australia and London.

Now a keen painter, illustrator, street artist and

screen printer, Austin has continued his exploration

into mark-making by creating new works

for his latest solo show “INSTANCES”.

'Flowers #1-#4'

mixed media on board

'Minnie Water Abstracts #1-#9'

acrylic on polypropylene

'Mask Blocks #1-#9'

mixed media on plywood


acrylic on paper

Jeremy's inspirations: 'Reoccurring characters act as a vehicle for the continued exploration

into catatonic automatic drawing as well as muscle-memory schemata drawing with the aim of bringing

the immediacy and honesty of the compressed line work of my sketchbook sessions to canvas and walls.'

To view more of Jeremy Austin's artworks,

or to find out more about the artist, follow the link below.