Sandra Rix Joran

'Home & Heart Mandala'

Mixed media on canvas

Artist Statement:

'The Mandala is an ancient mystical and sacred symbol of the universe.

Classically in the form of a circle (the cosmos) enclosed in a square (Earthbound matter).

Mandalas are used for meditation, contemplation, healing and visual pleasure.

Mandalas are perceived as sacred spaces which, by their very presence in the world remind us of

the immanence of sanctity in the universe.

The context of the Mandala is to follow the ‘Peaceful Path’.

To gain understanding of things by becoming calm and centred and to discover that divinity resides within your own self.

This is a one only original Mandala. Designed, created and painted by the artist. No computer was used.'

from Home Sweet Home

- a combined exhibition by members of the Blue Knob Hall, Roxy and Serpentine galleries -

August 2012 @ the Serpentine Community Gallery

September/October 2012 @ Blue Knob Gallery

'White Tara Mandala'

Mixed media on canvas

600mm x 600mm

from Yes Please held in July 2012


17 Bridge St, North Lismore, NSW, 2480.

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