Susannah French

'Wintry Chinaman's'

ink, pencil & charcoal on paper

'Glass vase with Spear Lilies'

ink on paper

these artworks together with

'Cloudburst Over The Bay' (pictured below)

were exhibited during


December 2017 - January 2018

'Cloudburst Over The Bay'

ink and pencil on paper

"I've spent the last few months working on this painting of Trial Bay, South West Rocks.

It's a special place for me, as my family has been going there on holiday for over 30 years.

I painted the image from plein air sketches done on site and from my own reference photos, back in the studio."

- Susannah French, July 2017 update

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'Morning Natasha'

gouache on paper

from Decadence - A celebration of 10 Years of Art and Community - November/December 2016

'Australian Crimescene'

acrylic and mixed media on canvas


acrylic on canvas

'SOS - save our surf'

acrylic on canvas

from Under the Radar - May/June 2016

'Wild child'

(and the model - Kalon Davis)

gouache on watercolour paper

'The House of the Alchemist'


'Holy Water'

ink and pencil

- illustrates a poem I wrote in Varanasi, completed on my return

to Australia after a year in

India & Nepal in '94'.