1.7.11 Full Moons

Leigh Arnold - Full Moons

1st JULY 2011: Opening of

Full Moons

a solo exhibition

by local artist

Leigh Arnold

on Friday from 6pm.

Leigh Arnold works at

the interface of science and art.

He is inspired by

 quantum physics,



string theory

and other arcane cosmologies.

He lives and works near Nimbin

in northern New South Wales


All of Leigh's works are hand painted,

many using mixed media

with metallic pigments, subtle glazes

and extremely fine pen work.

His paintings are all the more extraordinary

as he does not use a computer in any way.

He has the "gift of dyslexia"

which makes using a computer very difficult

but opens up ways of seeing

mathematical and geometrical images

that most of us cannot imagine.

'Silver & Black'

'The Universe, A Chocolate Covered Donut'

'Light Years From This Place'

from Leigh Arnold's 'Full Moons' series

While under black light his acrylic on canvas paintings transform themselves, 

transporting the viewer into yet more unimaginable universes!

'After the Ring Barker'

'Vision of a Universe'

'A Twisted Universe'


Acrylic on wood