It takes a village to raise an artist

Opening on Friday the 9th of June 2017,

5pm for 5.30pm,

the Serpentine Community Gallery is pleased

to host the multi-generational group exhibition

'It takes a village to raise an artist.'

Everyone is welcome

to attend the opening celebration.

Light refreshments will be available.

Showcasing the works of four unique artists

- Poppi McCarthy,

Ochre Doyle,

Mika Burnet

and Kerrie Divett -

who share a passion

for the process of art making

as an essential element

in constructing a narrative

that echoes and makes sense

of their individual lives,

'It takes a village to raise an artist'

will be on view until

the 21st of June.

'Hidden Healer'

print and mixed media

by Ochre Doyle

As a person living with a cancer diagnosis,

Lismore-based artist Kerrie Divett adds,

"Time in my studio helped me to feel normal, to be more myself;

a place where I could sort thoughts, feelings and facts;

a retreat from the fear, and a place to process that fear.

These works have been created as a dialogue with myself

at a time when everything seemed out of my control.

 Paper has been a good friend,

absorbing the layers of process, transforming my fear

as I changed mediums, my exploration of pink, my enjoyment

of markmaking, the fragility of a line, and attempting

to understand the grey areas. Diagnosis comes with words.

There are stages and steps of understanding,

and of information, and then there is intuition."

'Lismore Flood 2'

chalk pastel and watercolour

Poppi McCarthy

And then we have the youngest of our exhibiting group,

8-year-old Mika Burnet who is exhibiting for the first time,

 "to get used to what it is like".

Mika has grown up in the Lismore art community

and has been asking for a long time

"when am I going to have my exhibition?"

 She works with a mixture of mediums

because Mika just loves to make art.

Like much of our town, the gallery 'went under' during the

recent Lismore flood, and like much of our town we then experienced

 its very best as our landlords, our volunteers and unknown members

of our local community pulled together to get us back up and running.

How many of us are now feeling, thanks to the big hearts and

get-in-and-give-a-hand attitudes of our fellow Lismorians,

is encapsulated in the very apt title of our

2nd post-flood show "It takes a village to raise an artist".

For the exhibiting artists the need, the urge to

create artifacts has simply become part of their everyday lives.

Commenting on her body of work, the 'elder' of the group,

Ochre Doyle says, "In my life, art has at times been an expression of emotions. This small series of work explores loss both personal

and communal. At times even within loss and its healing

we find unexpected precious gifts and strengths."


from the series Lomandra Healing

lomandra grass, cotton thread and pen on paper

by Kerrie Divett

Emerging artist Poppi McCarthey's artworks are a story

of her daily life, her relationships with her family, her friends,

her love of her dogs, the weather and gardening.

In between a busy lifestyle as a young Lismore adult

living within her community, Poppi works in her studio,

exploring acrylic paints and watercolours.

Poppi has produced a recent body of works that are

a vibrant fresh interpretation of her world.

'Heart and Home 1 & 2'

acrylic on canvas

by Mika Burnet

'Arch Angel'

print and mixed media

by Ochre Doyle

'Within the Flotsam'

print and mixed media

by Ochre Doyle

'Mermaid Mystery'

print and mixed media

by Ochre Doyle