Play It Again Sam

Our next members exhibition,

'Play It Again Sam',

which runs from 4 - 17 March 2015,

is all about recycling,

and the opening will be on the 6th March 2015.

We have a lovely play area

so if you didn't make something for the exhibition

here is your chance! For young and old!

We are hoping to grow some exciting artworks over the fortnight!

'Making Friends' by David Creed and Angela Rossitto

Made from found objects from the streets of Auckland.!making-friends/c63m

In the past, the use of recycled material for art, had many different intentions.

In 1917 Marcel Duchamp attempted to enter a work ('Fountain') in a major New York exhibition.

His recently purchased 'ready-made' urinal affronted convention and good taste, and asked 'what is art?'

In 2011, Brazilian artist, Vic Muniz used garbage to critique western imperialism, the elitism of the 'western' art world,

and the exploitation of third world countries. Working alongside the catadores, or pickers of recyclable material,

at Jardim Gramacho outside Rio de Janiero, the world's largest landfill,

he replicated famous images of Western Art (The Last Supper etc).

His film of the art production process can be seen at

and the impact that this project had on the tip workers is a joy to behold.

Australian artist, Fiona Hall has used Coca-Cola cans, sardine cans, bits of paper,

and discarded objects to create metaphors in the exploration of a wide range of complex issues.

he QAGOMA website gives a great synopsis of the way in which she works.

Her delicate construction of male and female genitalia inside sardine cans is particularly interesting.

Tracy Moffatt, an Australian photographer, often recycles pieces of old movies for her video art pieces.

The Lismore Regional Gallery recently partnered with RealArtWorks and Tralala Blip to build an exhibition called

'Resistant Obsolescence', an exhibition on artistic recycling.

Other websites which celebrate artistic recycling are - and


mixed media found materials

by Ron Leonard


found material on board

by Ron Leonard


made from recycled materials

by local magpies

'Recycled Poppy Field'

recycled mixed media (detail right)

by We and You