Viola Hoffmann

'Love Unites Nations'

mixed media


In support of the fundraiser

'Art For Aleppo'

a project to benefit the children of Syria

'Dare To Be Different'



Current works - updated 2017

Artist: People Power

 Title: 'The most important key'

Materials: wooden flower, metal star, 82 metres of red string, 300+ keys, a heart, a lock,

a golden watch, a photo of 3 generations and a blue concrete base on a silver tablet.

from Everything Old is New Again - February 2016

'Seeds of Love'

'Seeds of Love'

 is an interactive game consisting of poppy seeds & seed pods,

miniature tools, and a frame filled with sand.

It all started with a heart, and people were invited to add and move seed pods.

'World Village - We Have an Influence on Nature - You are Part of It''

'A Recycled Poppy Field'

- 'Where have all the flowers gone? They are in the seeds!'

'The Orange Table'

recycled table & mixed media

from Play It Again Sam


'A valued member of the family

for over 40 years'

Artist Statement:

There was a time

 when age didn't mean you

are not valued anymore,

when things lasted ....