Gareth Lindsay Deakin

Gareth Deakin is a retired country gentleman devoted

to painting pretty pictures and gardening

in the north east of New South Wales.

 Born on 21st May 1956 and raised for the first decade in

Old South Wales, with two years studying in London. After sailing

to Adelaide in 1966, he took up oil painting, almost completing

the American Famous Artists' correspondence course.

Following a painted adolescence, he gave birth to Jodi Kate

in 1976. During fifteen years as a single parent

he continued painting; having solo exhibitions

at the Biloela Civic Centre in central Queensland (1990)

and at Roundspace Gallery in Adelaide (1984).

During the same period he completed major studies in:

Education, Flinders University;

 Visual Arts (history and theory) at Flinders University;

Philosophical Logic at the University of Adelaide;

  Applied Computing at the University of Central Queensland and

   Geographical Information Systems at the University of Queensland.

In 1980 he authored the article

- Scientist, Science and Society in Literature

in the Australian Science Teachers Journal.

'Ruby' - Awarded a second prize

at Bentley Art Show 2010

His professional career up until 2005 was in Information Technology and Cartography, with excursions into teaching and graphic illustration.

Since living on the Sunshine Coast, Gareth has taken an active participation in

rainforest regeneration.

Today Gareth's activities are parochial,

exhibiting with Lismore region's community galleries, including: Serpentine Community Gallery, Blue Knob Hall Art Gallery, Lismore Art Club and competitions such as the

Bentley and Coraki Art Prizes.

Gareth's 'White' series work (left) and bio update - uploaded November 2011

'Turmeric and Lime'

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'Flood Plain'

oil on ply

from Walking in tall grass

- the Serpentine Community Gallery Art Prize exhibition -

November 2014

'St Cecelia'

part of the Serpentine Community Gallery

@ Lismore Show

October 2014

'Lorraine Vass'

oil on linen

- Lorraine Vass is the President

of Friends of the Koala Inc,

a group of volunteers fighting to save

Northern NSW's vulnerable koala population -

from Reigning Cats and Dogs

April/May 2014

'Salt Water Creek'


from Anything Goes

January/February 2014