Local Artists - Toy

9th OCTOBER 2009: Opening of the Toy exhibition

at Serpentine Community Gallery on Friday, at 6pm.

This year, the third annual Toy showcase is open to

artists of all ages who wish to explore the theme of play.

Toy is an art show which also incorporates performanceexploring the world of play. With over 50 playful artworks, all by local artists, this is definitely a vibrant and fun exhibition.

Play is something that we all do and enjoy in one way or another.

 - just like the swinging 'Pirate Girl' and the handmade ragdolls, resting after a game,

by Carolyn Carey (above left and centre) -

We were all experts at it when we were young,

 and that's why the Serpentine is encouraging our young artists to get involved.

To coincide with the Toy exhibition,

Serpentine Community Gallery hosted some

Kids Art Workshops

on Saturday 10th September.

Toy, the exhibition, on view until 23rd October.


17 Bridge St, North Lismore, NSW, 2480.

Contact (02) 6621 6845 or