2010 AD

Members - 2010 AD

5TH FEBRUARY 2010: Exhibition opening from 7pm. Serpentine Community Gallery,

17 Bridge St, North Lismore, NSW.

2010 AD was an exhibition by local artists exploring the past, present and future

as seen by some of our very creative community in 2010.

All were welcomed to meet some of our finest artists at the opening,

food, music and appreciation of local art available.

Exhibition ran from 5th February to 2nd March, 2010.

And now the show is over (but not forgotten)...


by Shane Aaron Little

Artist unknown

'Pearl' and 'Spark'

SLR photography

95 x 95 cms (each)

'Pearl' - The naked light globe enticed me to photograph it since it has always represented to me:

Beginnings and ends ... light and dark .... and the eerie emptiness of environments.

Here we have a light bulb clearly switched on (underlined) ..... Yet shedding no light.

This stark piece, which is undeniably minimal with perhaps a hint of dadaism leaves space in it's blackness

for this ordinary lightbulb to become a pearl.

'Spark' -  Almost identical to 'Pearl', with the addition of the artist's handwriting a more personal

effect is achieved but still places the work well in the realm of classical post-modernism.

Since completing these work, the subject of light bulbs has appeared in the nations headlines

and could perhaps represent an icon of a disappearing artifact.

by John Champion

Artworks and installations by Kat Food