Shay Collyer

'The seeing eye'

'Lightness of being'

'Public Servant'

pencil on paper artworks

from "X" held in August 2016


pencil on paper

from It's the Little Things - December 2015



from Place - the Serpentine Community Gallery Art Prize

August 2015

'Travel Diary'

book and collected items

from an exhibition featuring recycled materials

- 'Play It Again Sam' - held in March 2015

'I See You Baby, Shaking That Ass'

ink and pencil

from Soul of Serpentine - October/November 2013

'Waiting for the Rain'


from Dark Night of the Soul

September 2013

by Shay Collyer & Kane Bowman

from Me and You

August 2013

'Missing You'

pencil on paper

from Scarlet - July 2013

Shay Collyer 'Pippin'


from Animalistic - February/March 2013

'View from My Dining Room'

Watercolour pencil

Artist Statement: 'I love looking out the window from my dining room.

It’s expansive and I can get lost in my thoughts looking out that window.'

- Shay Collyer, August 2012

from Home Sweet Home

- a combined exhibition by members of the Blue Knob Hall, Roxy and Serpentine galleries -

August 2012 @ the Serpentine Community Gallery

September/October 2012 @ Blue Knob Hall Gallery