Ally Mead

'Fallen Angel'

The gallery is pleased to announce that the painting

'Fallen Angel' - kindly donated by Alison Mead -

will be auctioned at the opening celebration for

'Under the Radar'

- an exhibition of artworks by gallery members

  on view from 27th May to 24th June 2016.

Proceeds of the auction will go to both the

Serpentine Community Gallery

and Heartfelt House;

a Northern Rivers organisation that aims

to provide support for adult survivors

of childhood sexual abuse

as well as their family and friends.

Alison Mead will also be exhibiting photographic

works (pictured right), which relate to this issue

of giving a voice to the victims of this 'silent crime'.

Often being children, the sexually abused

are frequently too frightened to speak out

and as adults are very often silenced by

social taboo and a sense of personal isolation.


by Alison Mead

A 'Fallen Angel' sleeps while her dreams are healing her.

Born innocent, survivors often find themselves

in places and spaces that are not safe.

Heartfelt House provides a safe cocoon

so the fallen ones can learn to fly.


'Free your voice!'


mixed media on canvas

from ascension

- the extension of the Tropical Fruits NYE festival Art Exhibition 2012 -

January 2013

Artist Statement









Electronic seduction,

High voltage hues,

Brazen sensuality.

Erotica meets Techno.


Join the journey

in Scarlet with Artist


    ........Ally Mead.

'Intimation l' and 'Intimation ll'


Digital works on canvas

from Scarlet - June 2011

Ally Mead began her journey

into the world of Visual Art drawing nudes with pastels.

Their compositions, colours and textures

brought the viewer within a breath of their private worlds.

She often revisits the theme of Erotica

and was pleased to be included with other local artists

in this exhibition at the Serpentine Community Gallery Lismore.

'Blackbird Singing'

Acrylic on canvas


Artist Statement

I saw a photo of Christine Strelen taken when she was at our party. It was a frozen moment which made me

muse how quietly powerful she can be. There are no false moves with her, only truth. Sometimes that can be

confronting. I have used cool, light, sometimes reflective colours that reproduce her presence.

She is a writer, a practitioner of sublime creation.

Her words can move mind, body and soul. In my painting I have tried to convey this feeling

of strength that underlies beauty and simplicity There is wisdom and there is mystery.

Writing is something she has always wanted to do and she has faith in her work.

The name of the painting is very significant for me. ‘Strel’, as her friends like to call her, broke away from a life

where she could not be true to herself. She healed her broken wings and learnt how to fly in a different way.

A metamorphosis took place. The full moon gives the painting a sense of anticipation and the unknown.

What will she be flying with next?

I too am a new settler to the North Coast and am learning how to fly again.

I can learn a lot from her.

- Ally Mead 2011

from the Salon des Refuses - 29th April until 3rd June 2011