Sue Brown


Acrylic & fabric



from Scarlet - June 2011

'Making Waves'

Artist Statement

I painted my daughter Jackie Brown in this setting as the situation is representativve of a childhood of surfing, and the fluidity and freedom felt in a sometimes difficult environment.

As a young Queer disabled woman Jacki is constantly struggling against the ignorance and stereotypical views imposed upon her from a broader society. Her intelligent articulation of the complex issues surrounding her life and the life of others struggling outside the 'norm', is of an incredible value to myself, her friends and the community.

This painting, in a physical and a metaphorical way, captures her breaking through with thw exhilaration that comes by pushing the boundaries of both the liquid and social mediums, which at times can be unpredictable and unforgiving,

yet also uplifting and supportive.

                                                            - Sue Brown 2011

'Making Waves'

One of the artworks exhibited in our first

Salon des Refuses

held from 29th April to 3rd June 2011,

in conjunction with Lismore Regional Gallery's

Northern Rivers Portrait Prize 2011.

'Blue Dream'

'Flood Gum'

from Tree

February/March 2011


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