Brendan McCumstie

Artworks donated to the Serpentine Community Gallery's

Art Auction fundraiser held on 8th May 2011

On Friday 10th September 2010,

Brendan McCumstie

will join Kat Dolheguy

at the Serpentine to mentor

Getting your hands dirty

with Charcoal

- a workshop being held as part of

A Paper Trail.

For all the details follow the links.

'Rosella and Jug'

charcoal drawing

from A Paper Trail's

Getting Your Hands Dirty with Charcoal


- September 2010

'the simple life of a single girl' - from Scarlet'10

from Mixed Bag of Goodies,

- a selection of works by Brendan McCumstie -

March 2007

'Who Rights History'


Acrylic print and lightbox


"As I recall Mixed Bag of Goodies was simply to fill the gallery for a few weeks during a changeover window.

Technically it wasn't an "exhibition" in what I would consider the truest sense of the word...

but a number of works were exhibited including the light box 'Who Rights History',

along with two large charcoal drawings - one of the empty bed and one of the church -

these were shown in the front windows."

- Brendan McCumstie, October 2010

'2 Mill Stacks'

'It's A Free Country'

'The Isthmus of Liberty'

'How Do You Enforce..'

'Fallen Stars'