28 Years Through Time and Space

Back in early July 2015 a call went out to all local artists....

"Gallery One has become available from 2nd September until 15th September .....open for booking

......contact The Serpentine to secure gallery and dates for a solo or group exhibition

....Local artist Alana Grant will be exhibiting her solo show 'Words Form' in Gallery Two during these dates

......join the creative celebration".

And one of our very talented local artists

stepped forward with a solo show

  Shaun C Murphy - A Retrospective:

'28 Years Through Time and Space'.

The artworks in this exhibition cover subjects such as

Lismore landmarks,

 psychological and social issues,

and curved-space interiors.

Opening night is Friday 4th September 6-8pm. Everyone is welcome.

'Potential home owners vie for position as interest in this property grows'

Oil, silicon on canvas

Courtesy The Channon Gallery

'White Figurine 2'

Acrylic on canvas

'Myrrh Met Doppler'

Oil, studs on canvas

'Girl in Crimson'

Oil on canvas

'The Cycle of Life'

Oil, glitter on canvas

'Golden Light'

Oil on canvas

'A Day at Nielsen Park'

Oil on canvas

Courtesy The Channon Gallery

'Depths of Deceit'

Oil on canvas

Courtesy The Channon Gallery