Lucas Wright

Two exciting new exhibitions

open this week at the gallery.

They are

Lucas Wright's

'Solo Exhibition'

and 'Focus'

a joint show by photographers

Meredith Adams

and Dave Wainwright.

Opening Celebration:

21 November,

starting at 5pm.

Come along and join in the festivities

- it should be a great night!

These shows will run from

21 - 27 November 2014.

'La Berceuse Van Gogh'

acrylic on canvas

Lucas Wright - Visual Artist

Lismore, NSW

Artist Statement

I was born in Lismore,

and I learnt about art at school,

TAFE and at Realising Every Dream Inc.

Picasso, Van Gogh and Canaletto

are some of the artists I like.

The message in my art is about

my people, gender and other artists.

Other artists and the things they have done,

as well as feelings, geometric shapes, colours,

characters and popular culture

all inspire me to make art.

Making art makes me feel embarrassed,

good, happy and content.

  'The Harbour'

acrylic on canvas

'Spooky Mansion'

acrylic on canvas

'Still Life'

charcoal sketch


acrylic on canvas

'The Ladies'

ink on board

  'Hospital Pool'

acrylic on canvas

'The Church'

acrylic on canvas

'Sex Party 1'

acrylic on canvas


acrylic on canvas

'Sex Party 2'

acrylic on canvas

'My House'

acrylic on canvas

'How Babies Are Made'

pen on paper

'The Water Colour' watercolour & pastel on paper