From 25 November to 8 December 2015,

the Serpentine will be the venue

for two solo shows

Sophia Watson's



Robyn Staines's

'Dark Matter.'

The double opening celebration

will take place at 6pm

on 27th November 2015.

Everyone is welcome.

'Erosion 1'

'Erosion 2'

Both North Coast TAFE Visual Arts students,

Robyn and Sophia have created bodies of work for their exhibitions

which explore the concept of narcissistic abuse.

While the works in 'Erosion' focus on the abuse of power,

those of 'Dark Matter' investigate what creates violence in relationships.


Sophia’s abstract charcoal drawings

are an exploration of the abuse of power

within the context of religion,

intimate relationships and culture.

She examines the erosion of identity, self-esteem and trust

and how this undermines personal empowerment and freedom.

'Falling Woman'

'Rising Woman'

'Out of the Blue'


'Les Ames Perdues'



'Bride of the Caliphate 1'

'Bride of the Caliphate 2'


Artwork images: Martin Gill