Scott Whittingham


mixed media

from on a paper plane - April/May 2016

  'Lismore Mist'

oil on canvas

from @ Bridge st - March 2016


 acrylic on canvas

'Conscious Subconscious #1'

oil on canvas

'Conscious Subconscious #5'

oil on canvas

'Conscious Awareness'

acrylic on canvas

artworks from It's the Little Things

December 2015

'Out Back Place'

oil on canvas

from Ochre - October/November 2015

'Basket Empty'

Oil on Canvas

from Place - the Serpentine Community Gallery Art Prize

August 2015

'East Coast'

Oil on canvas


 polymer paint on canvas

'What lies beyond'

Oil on canvas

from Moving - June 2015

Scott Whittingham presented

'Beyond landscape and place'

- a solo pop-up exhibition -

at the Serpentine Community Gallery

between 18 Feb and 3 March 2015.

In describing his works, Scott Whittingham states:

"My harmonious abstract paintings explore the

reinterpretation of the Australian landscape

and sense of place.

The notion of fragility, transcendence and spirituality

 are key aspects that are envisaged from various

perspectives and circumstances

 with the aid of photographs,

‘Photoshop’ and subconscious equilibrium.

The textural quality, application and removal of paint

create a vibrancy and energetic aesthetic."

His show joined Jude Lane'