Peter Lehner

'George Senior and Junior Transformed'


Artist Statement

This is an Artisan Flash Mob painting depicting Thomas and Stewart George who,

both being councillors while working with gas companies, have an alarming conflict of interest.

My painting is based on a famous portrait of the peace-mankind-earth-loving couple

John Lennon and Yoko Ono in the hope of metamorphosing the local father and son

into a similar way of thinking, into becoming peace lovers and earth protectors.

from Metamorphosis May 2012

Adding the finishing touches.

Pictured with Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell, musician Blakboi and fellow artist Corinne Batt-Rawden at our May 2012

Artisan Flash Mob,

Peter Lehner enjoys the moment as he captures his 'War Is Over' artwork concept on paper.

At the opening of Metamorphosis.

'Ray of Light'

Subject: Ray Parry

by Peter Lehner

Acrylic on Paper

from Salon des Refuses 2011

Artist Statement

Happy and high-spirited, facing daily challenges with straightforward smiles,

you soon hear his long distinctive laugh.

People nearby respond, either an annoyed “Bloody Ray!!” or a smiling “Oh Ray!” 

I’ve never seen Ray’s dark side.

Many who face disabilities, adversities and hard losses

 fall into negative mental health and addiction patterns.

Ray shines appreciative love.

I am inspired by his ability to give,

and also receive in equal measure, which is a very rare characteristic. 

He shares his art, music and culture with a diverse chunk of Lismore community.

He truly thinks of us all as Family.

Locals have known and supported Ray in varied ways since his childhood.

I believe Ray is a very special love child of the Lovemore family. 

After attending Northern Rivers Portrait Prize last year, such a flourishing community-building event,

I immediately wanted to have a go. 

I painted Ray Parry to acknowledge and celebrate his unique and enchanting contribution,

to show his bright energy, hoping to spotlight his Tao of pooh essence

to those who are unappreciative and greet him with impatient frustrations.

This is my first attempt at painting.

Carl, my adoptive son, is an amazing teacher!

- Peter Lehner, 2011

Peter Lehner and Ray Parry have fun with art during the Serpentine's

CreativExchange @ Lismore Show

in October 2010


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