Vicki Swift

'By the Coast'


'Still Life WithTubs'


from X - August 2016

From the 26th June to the 3rd July 2016,

Northern Rivers based artist Vicki Swift presents

a retrospective exhibition of her work entitled

Sea Sky Land.

The opening celebration will take place

at 2pm on Sunday 26th of June 2016.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Drawing her inspiration from her surroundings,

Vicki Swift’s work is reflective of

the relationship between nature and the self.

Rather than reproducing landscape

in a classically representational way,

she captures the essence and the feeling

of being within the landscape.

From the coast to the hills, Vicki uses

 a sophisticated process of deconstruction in her works.

Her restrained palette and the layering of textures

make her paintings vibrate in a tactile way

…offering the viewer

an impressionistic interpretation of landscape.

With an art practice spanning 50 years, Vicki Swift has a passion for both abstract painting and

the environment, and will be generously donating

 a percentage from sales of her work to


(The NSW Wildlife Information,

Rescue and Education Service Inc).

Vicki Swift presents WIRES volunteer Marion Nel

with a much appreciated donation.

Image: Julie Marsh - Story: The Nimbin Good Times