Paulette Hayes

"The essence of my art is the human condition," says Paulette Hayes. "It is designed to appeal to both the heart

and the mind, and is inspired by my internal and external worlds. Subjects explored may reference the cycle of birth

and death, memories, women’s roles and issues, the environment both macro and micro, social justice and politics.

"When developing an idea, I ask myself “how I can tell this story?”

What materials, what techniques, what colours and what textures will enable me to express

an emotion or an idea to convey what I want to say. I  work predominantly with mixed media as part of my story telling

– clay, paper, metal, fabric; they all have their own narrative to tell – and much time is spent finding a balance

between conceptual art and over-simplified work requiring no input from the viewer."

'Blue Moon'

machine embroidery

from Azure

December 2017 - January 2018

'What are you looking at?'


'Two Degrees'

Stoneware clay, gesso, inks,

hand dyed organza, plywood, dowel.

23 cm x 218.5 cm x 32.5cm

Artist Statement

The title 'Two Degrees'

refers to the two degrees Celsius that

the earth was expected to increase in

temperature by the end of this century

– of course we will be well over it.

The figure is covered

with singed and burnt leaves.

'What is this Whispering in my Heart'

Stoneware paperclay, underglaze, inks,

sheet aluminium, plywood, aluminium rod

20 cm x 25 cm x 32.5 cm

Artist Statement

The title 'What is this Whispering in my Heart'

is taken from a book by Henry Reynolds

and refers to Aboriginal Massacres.

The sculpture has ‘leaves’ around its neck

– referencing the nameplates Aboriginal people had to wear around their necks

– and lists many of the massacres in Australia.

artworks from Faith, Joy & Other Disasters

October 2017

'Self Love - green-orange-green'

machine embroidery

generously donated to the Serpentine Community Gallery's

2017 Fundraising

'Maggie, Maeve and the Moon'

'Maggie, Maureen and the Moon'

machine embroidery on printed canvas artworks from


July/August 2017

'Self Love - blue and 2 pinks'

'Self Love - mauve and 2 oranges'

'Self Love - purple and 2 oranges'

'Self Love - pink green pink'