Paintings Inspired by Poetry

Scott Whittingham

-  Paintings Inspired by Poetry

23rd NOVEMBER 2012:

Opening celebration for

 Scott Whittingham's

solo exhibition

Paintings Inspired by Poetry

on Friday at 7pm.

Opening night is a family

and community event


poetry readings,

music and


Everyone is welcome to attend.

After completing a BA in Education and a Master of Art at New South Wales University's College

of Fine Arts, Scott Whittingham has been drawn to the lush and picturesque landscape of Lismore.

Artist Statement

"Inspired by my poetry and utilizing my knowledge  of how specific inks, acrylics,

and mediums react with each other  amongst resins and varying surfaces,

I have been on a journey,  not only of an exploration from within, but one

of aesthetics, the sublime, and of iconographical and historical overtones.

I have also created a series of works that revolve around personal interactions

with the Australian Landscape. This has resulted in a somewhat

 sculptural, abstract expressionistic style in oils.

Typically I try to achieve a translucency within some of my work to compliment the spiritual tension and movement amongst the elements, figures and creatures.

Initially I have utilized the memory of specific experiences and educational influences to incorporate underlying changes in individual perception and tolerance within the contemporary Australian multicultural setting.

My recent series of mixed media works extend into dream like states, that reside

within my psyche and has moved towards a more abstracted conceptualism.

There is a deliberate arrangement of line shape and form,

which helps to create, rhythmic, ebb and flow within some of my works.

My art has rised from the idea of spiritual, religious, cultural,

psychological, emotional, and physical inter connectivity

 that people have with the natural landscape.

My practice ranges from a high degree of conceptuality

relating also to signs and symbols, mass media and universality."

- Scott Whittingham, 2012

Paintings Inspired by Poetry is on view from 20th November to 5th December 2012.

The poetry and the paintings

Mother Earth

Earth mother is united with all,

Creature’s great and small.

The divine mother looks over

The mountains that are our bosom.

With thirst we must suckle from grey sky.

Tricking through hands

Shall sprout above barren promising land.

From deep within nurturing dark richness,

Lay seeds that wait for an ideal situation.

We also wait with emotional and physical constraints.

For that moment where our thirst and hunger are quenched.

Some choose to lay dormant,

When conditions are plentiful.

Australian seedpods are opened in extreme temperatures.

New life arises from trees that have suffered the wrath of fire.

Through evolution they have been able to adapt,

To a variety of conditions.

Each species of plant life unique,

Are able to overcome harsh situations.

So must we overcome the hurt in our past.

Our wounds must be licked and healed,

Yet there will always be scarring deep within.

Like that of a felled tree,

We see the rings of distress and displeasure.


Oil On Canvas

61 cm x 61 cm

Only if we let complications be free to settle,

Will richness be gently accepted.

Brushed ever so delicately.

Analyzed from all perceptions,

Into a previous existence,

With varying directions.


The love of life

Her very presence lifts my spirits,

As the wind lifts the maple leaf,

Slowly at first, thence wisped away,

Floating into the wild blue yonder.

The whispering