Oliver Wilcox

"I'm a visual artist originally from Sydney,

now living and working in Lismore in the Northern Rivers area of NSW.

My practice revolves around the reclamation of sacred spaces."


Donated to the Serpentine's

Art Auction 2012


With his own artwork a successful entrant in

the Northern Rivers Portrait Prize 2011,

Oliver Wilcox joined Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell and

Serpentine gallery Manager Corinne Batt-Rawden to give the

official opening speeches at the inaugural Salon des Refuses.


  Oil on Canvas

Donated to the Serpentine Community Gallery's fundraising

Art Auction 2011

held on Sunday the 8th May


Oils on canvas

from 'Treasure in the Queerest Places'

on view from 7th to 28th January 2011.

'Welcome To God'



Artist's Statement:

"This piece of work contemplates the ethics

of introducing children to meat and the

meat industry as an uninformed consumer

with no understanding of moral,

environmental or political consequences."



Wild and Domesticated

on view 5 - 26 November 2010


Oil stick transfer drawing

from Scarlet '10

July 2010


Porcelain, paper, clay

from Art Auction 2010