Rob Harle

'The Colour of Greed'

from CSG - the exploration: An Artist's Dialogue

April 2013

'Still Searching Home'

Artist Statement: 'Past artwork consisted of drawing and sculpture

 – current work is exclusively digital/computer created drawings and computer generated figures,

manipulated in various computer applications.

My past concern with the technoMetamorphosis (social impact of technology) has given way to me

(re) exploration of the surreal nature of existence through the archetypal shadows of the Collective Unconcious.

One recent critic used the term techno-surrealism to describe my work.

I do not produce multiples  – this is a 1 of 1 original giclee archival quality image.'

- Rob Harle, August 2012


from Home Sweet Home

August 2012 @ the Serpentine Community Gallery

September/October 2012 @ Blue Knob Gallery

'Trapped in the Matrix'

Giclee image

from Yes Please held in July 2012

'Evolution Of A Myth'

'Energising the Matrix'

'The Key'

Digitally enhanced pencil drawings

Artist Statement

Rob Harle is an artist and writer especially concerned with the nature of consciousness, embodiment and

techno-augmentation. His current work, both art practice and writing, explores the nature of the so-called

transition from human to posthuman, a phenomenon he calls the technoMetamorphosis of humanity.

Past artwork was mainly drawing and sculpture, current work is exclusively digital/computer created images.

'Every so often I experience a genetic regression to a pre-digital incarnation which brings out pencils, crayons

and memory of a period when “time passed slowly”. These 3 works are from such a regression.'

- Rob Harle, February 2012

from Miniatures

February/March 2012

'Plato's Ghost Haunts The Matrix'

Glicee image

from Place

February 2012

'Cyborg Briefing Concerning The Birth of Nanotechnology'

'Nano Birth Chamber'

from Recovery of RE:CREATION

January 2012

"Art is not a matter of life or death. It is far more serious than that!"

I see my creative work as a kind of documentation of the technoMetamorphosis.


From 1994 to 2002 my sculpture and image work give way to academic study.

Much of this came under the heading Philosophy of Mind. From these studies an interest in what I call the technoMetamorphosis of humanity has developed. This phenomenon is both terrifying and exhilarating.

My latest work consists of poetry and digital images.

Some are created entirely with the computer, others a manipulation of my original photographs and sculptures

using various computer programs and techniques. These explore my concerns about our cyborg, transhuman

and posthuman future. Human beings are balancing on the edge of a truly new abyss.

 Through genetic, chemical and computer engineering we have to decide what we will become.

- Rob Harle

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by artist and writer Rob Harle


17 Bridge St, North Lismore, NSW, 2480.

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