Claire Chatfield

'A stitch in time'

mixed media

from Decadence

- A celebration of 10 Years of Art and Community -

November/December 2016

'2 Bush Turkeys in the Sun'

mixed media


mixed media

from Soul of Serpentine

October/November 2013

'White Dog'

'Brown Dog'

'Green Dog'

'Baby Bush Turkey'

mixed media works

from Animalistic

February/March 2013

Above: a selection of mixed media works

(clockwise from left) 'Storyteller',


'Silver Lining',

 'Nature or Nurture'

and 'Believe'

Right: artworks for auction

from Presence




Mixed media work

from Miniatures

March 2012

'My Place'

Mixed media

from Place

February 2012

Claire led workshops and was on hand to offer advice

during the Serpentine Community Gallery's 2nd

Creative Exchange @ Lismore Show

held between the 20th and the 22nd of October 2011


Mixed media

from the group exhibition


October 2011