Eclectica & Pottery for Sport

DAVID BRINK: Eclectica


RRHS: Pottery for Sport 

27th MARCH 2009: Two exhibition openings - Richmond River High School's

'Pottery for Sport', from 5pm till 7.30pm,


David Brink’s 'Eclectica', from 7.30pm,

at the Serpentine Community Gallery on Friday.

RRHS: 'Pottery for Sport'

Richmond River High School

Student Equity Group Facilitator,

Julian King-Salter had a secret past

– he’d been a professional artist potter

in the UK for 16 years.

The students found out and Julian ended up

teaching pottery for sport

(in the Wednesday afternoon sports time slot!)

Pottery for Sport

- an exhibition of hand-built stoneware pots

by Julian King-Salter, Johanna Qualmann,

 Juliette Maher, Tim McDonald and Ariel Cameron

- is the result.

Ariel Cameron will also present her new songs

at the Pottery for Sport opening,

accompanied by Darmin.

David Brink: 'Eclectica'

David Brink is a local artist

who investigates

the natural world around him.

You can follow David's investigation

this Friday from 7.30pm

at the Serpentine.

Drinks available.

Julian King-Salter and Johanna Qualmann with some of

the pottery on display. (Image: The Northern Star)

 Join us at the Serpentine for the opening

 on Friday, from 5pm to 7.30pm.

Pottery for Sport is on view from

26th March until 6th April.

'Eclectica' on view

from 26th March

until 7th April.