art of soul & shared visions

CHANG: The Art of Soul


JOEL HUGHES and JAMIE HALL: Shared Visions

21ST MAY 2010: Double exhibition opening

- The Art of Soul and Shared Visions

- on Friday at 6pm.


The Art of Soul

'My art tells a story,

not one but many stories.

People listen to music

but there are no words

 - this is my art!

All people will have different experiences

when coming into contact with my art.

Also my art is medicine.

People generally feel things in real life

that they are not happy about.

My pictures are medicine

and are good for the soul,

if you have a headache,

a broken heart,

or a confused soul then

my pictures will be your medicine.

You don't need a doctor,

just experience The Art of Soul.

A well-known artist in Thailand

with a distinct and memorable style,

Chang has lived in the Northern Rivers

for the past eleven years and

now calls this inspiring place home.



Shared Visions

Aspiring Northern Rivers

photographer Joel Hughes

exhibits his collection

of local and global prints

with the community.

Inspired by people and nature of the world,

the exhibition features

macro and fine prints

depicting a close and personal

relationship with the environment

in an attempt to connect

both self and others through

Shared Visions.