After the Disco

Starting next week at

the Serpentine Community Gallery,

up and coming Brisbane artist

Jamie Mumford

presents an exhibition entitled

"After the Disco"

concurrently with

local artist Anna Dorrington's

solo exhibition

"grim Fairy Tales."

The two exhibitions are running

from 30 September

until 20 October, 2014.

The opening night celebrations

 are on 3 October,

6pm - 8pm.

"After The Disco" is an exhibition of recent work by Jamie

that collages glamourous elements from popular culture of the 1970s.

Inspired by glam rock, disco, and fashion photography her artworks

reflect a personal obsession with looking back upon this period.

Being born after this era, she looks at the past via video clips and images on the internet.

Through reinterpretation of these images,

Jamie aims to bring the most fantastic elements of the 70s to life once again.

Using visually alluring materials such as mirror, shiny fabrics and lights,

she creates playful and visually seductive installations,

light sculptures, costumes, photographs and video works.

"After The Disco" - Installation at The Serpentine Community Gallery

Opening night (Image above: Tiggie Tighe)

'The Beginning of Disco 2014'

set of 3 photographs


'How To Disco Dance 2, 2014'

single channel video, 1.03, looped

Jamie Mumford with her work

'The Beginning of Disco 2014'

'Infinity Mirror 1 2014'

wood, acrylic, LEDs

'Infinity Mirror 2 2014'

wood, acrylic, LEDs

'Infinity Mirror 3 2014'

wood, acrylic, LEDs

'Infinity Mirror 4 2014'

wood, acrylic, LEDs

'Infinity Mirror 5 2014'

wood, acrylic, LEDs