Carolyn Carey

Since beginning to sew at the tender age of five

 - on her great-aunt's Singer treadle machine -

Carolyn Carey has transformed her skills at needlecraft

into an intuitive process of art creation.

Her embroidery and applique techniques combined with overpainting

produce unique and colourful, often practical, artworks.

This innovative textile artist also works with

canvas, sculpture and installation,

as well as making the most extravagant costumes.

A dramatic fireside performance by Carolyn Carey entertained the art-lovers

at the opening of Choose Your Own Adventure, a group show by

 Emma Burrows, Tamara Elkins, Kat Food, Bec Newman, Nina Kourea,

Louie Page and James Smythe, held in August 2010.

Handmade ragdolls from Toy October 2009.

Carolyn had a very successful exhibition called

Wings of Desire

at the Serpentine

18th September  -  6th October 2009

From handmade dolls to modern tapestries, with personal and spiritual themes,

Carolyn's creations reflect her passion for making art from recycled materials.

Reminding of an older time when having to make do with what you had

generated a deep creativity within the individual.


'Queen of Cups'