From the 17th of May to the 3rd of June 2017,

the Serpentine Community Gallery will present

Leigh Arnold's solo exhibition


The opening celebration will take place on Friday the 26th of May, from 5pm.

Come and enjoy the works of a local lad who has built an international following.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Light refreshments will be available.

An artist inspired by quantum physics, astronomy, mathematics, string theory and other cosmologies.

Leigh Arnold's work is at the interface of science and art.

Using mixed media with metallic pigments, subtle glazes and extremely complex fine pen work,

he produces stunning 3D imagery that magically pops out of the canvas.

Able to naturally visualize form and structure in a way that most others cannot,

Lismore-based Leigh can take a simple object like a sphere or a cube,

and by use of perspective and colour manipulation

 he creates a world which displays precise order in incredible complexity.

Image: Vivian Martin

'Window to the Universe'

'Star Ball 1'

'Star Ball 2'

'Star Ball 3'

'Star Ball 4'

'Floradelic One'

'Floradelic Three'

'Floradelic Two'