Cynthia Manietta

From the 15th to the 28th of November 2011, the Serpentine Community Gallery is pleased to present a visual feast of ceramics.


I consider my range of art practices quite diverse.

My university undergraduate interests initially centred on painting but gradually expanded to encompass sculpture. I completed a ‘split’ painting and sculpture major at Southern Cross University in 1995. Upon graduation, establishing a sculpture studio proved a prohibitive enterprise although I could afford a block of clay. Consequently my relationship with clay began post university studies and continues to the present.

I found ceramics to be an extremely diverse medium. I like hand building, slip casting and the alchemy and intensive study associated with glaze development. I also enjoy producing a range of saleable vessels through my business ‘Turning Earth’. This helps sustain my family and produces extra income to support my artistic endeavours.

A celebratory event for Cynthia Manietta's

From Human Hands

exhibition and


a showcase of works by Julia Stewart,

will take place on Friday the 25th of November from 7pm.

The body of work created for this exhibition is designed to explore the issue

of climate change, environment control and population sustainability. 

The ‘Advanced Diploma in Ceramics’ course criteria required work

exhibiting integrated animal and human characteristics.

Employing casting techniques I created an army of 25 creatures I call

Octababies’: part octopus and part swaddled baby. 

I want to convey the message that human tentacles reach into, and exploit,

every part of this planet. There is not one plant or animal on this planet that

we do not eat or utilise in some way. My work expresses a personal opinion

that the world should come together and stipulate a sustainable world

population target. Many people would disagree with what I consider a logical viewpoint, as this idea infringes our human rights, but what of the rights of

our planet and its non-human inhabitants? Our planet cannot provide

enough food and resources to sustain the present human population

in the level of comfort currently enjoyed by Australians.

- Cynthia Manietta, October 2011

The opening of fellow potters Pete and Claire Salkeld's

Xsightin' Ceramics Xhibition

will take place from 7pm on Friday the 18th of November 2011.

'River Mussels'

- Artworks

From Human Hands

'Internal ecosystem'

Slip cast ceramic, fired water-slide decal

Cynthia Manietta with her father at the opening of

From Human Hands.

'Carbon Keys'

Mixed media

(Detail above)

from Trash

- October 2011