Michel Angel Bonaldo

Celebrated in Paris as theoretician and founder of Yabon Arts,

pluridisciplinary artist Michel Angel Bonaldo

– also known as MTOKIO -

is a recent immigrant to Australia.


Born in Auch, in south-western France, on the 18th of November 1960,

Michel Angel Bonaldo's Gypsy father awoke an early love of art in him

and he started to paint at 10 years of age.

At 19, Michel formed a friendship

with Master Branko Papovic of the School of Belgrad

who interested him in wood gravure

(a type of intaglio printing which involves

engraving the image onto a cylindrical image carrier).

Time spent in Germany, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, and Italy

has resulted in many exhibitions, the most recent being in Paris;

“Galleries Croustie’s”

Avenue Montaigne


“Musée d'Art Moderne” and “Palais de Tokyo” Avenue du President Wilson


The artworks of Michel Angel Bonaldo

are spread across the globe

revealing their poetry

 in a conception of animal and musical expressions.

'Metal at the Ritz'

Chrome sculpture

2m50 x 1m

Place: Vendome



Metal and glass

1m x 80cm x 40cm

"I affirm that the expression of "detritus" the by-product of industry and waste,

of objects which possess their own intrinsic value,

directly without looking to incorporate its aesthetic

- which obliterates and makes all the same, of the colour of one palette –

I am penetrating the global sense of the gesture.”

 - Michel Angel Bonaldo, sculptor

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