Kat Food

'Tough Spirit Kuntri'

Mixed media


Mixed media

from Place

  February 2012

'This Place Was 'Ere Before Me'

from Tree February 2011

'Long Time Aunty,

Plenty Still Cryin',

Plenty Still Lookin''

Mixed media sculpture

On view from

3rd to 22nd December 2010

as part of

this is NOT an exhibition

'Fringe Dweller'

'no sir'

'Taming of the Shrew'

 from Wild and Domesticated

- at the gallery between 5th and 26th November 2010.

On Friday 10th September 2010,

Kat joined Brendan McCumstie

at the Serpentine to mentor

Getting your hands dirty

 with Charcoal

  - a workshop held as part of

 the A Paper Trail project.

For all the details follow the link.

At the A Paper Trail exhibition opening, Kat is pictured with a collaborative scroll created by participants of her workshop.

Kat Food together with

Emma Burrows,

Tamara Elkins, Bec Newman,

Nina Kourea, Louie Page

and James Smythe presented

Choose Your Own Adventure

at the Serpentine Community Gallery

from 13th to 23rd August, 2010

This exhibition

also featured the

Worn Art Fashion Show