Justine Rose


mixed media

from Decadence

- A celebration of 10 Years of Art and Community - November/December 2016

'Smiling Flowers'

acrylic on canvas

'Two Hearts'

acrylic on canvas

'Look Into Your Soul'

mixed media

'Trees and Flowers - Shadows - Flowers'

acrylic on canvas


mixed media

artworks from in my heart jelly

held in October 2013


acrylic on canvas

'Storm Clouds'

Artist statement: 'The rains coming,

the frogs start to call out, the thunder rolls in,

slow moving clouds, I was amazed how

the light shone through the clouds.'

'Flickers of Light'

Artist statement: 'Travelling back from Tenterfield,

I heard the birds singing in the sky. We stopped the car

to look at the trees in the distance and

heard crickets and a blanket of rain coming.'

'Sunset on the Rise'

Artist statement: 'I thought this sunset was going to be like all the other sunsets but this one was different. I felt excited and amazed, it started to get cold, frogs started

to croak as the great ball of fire sunk in to the clouds

and the heat started to fade away.'

'Upon Layers'

Artist statement: 'In the past I had seen photos of skulls.

I found skulls interesting. I thought it would be cool to put

the skull under the water. I was hoping to see shadows and ripples but what I found was reflection, flesh and decay.

Life but death, cold and warm, wet, bubbles and earth.'


Artist statement: 'I draw my ideas first. I like to play with the colour pallet to see which ones work best together. I love to experience new ideas and experiment with new techniques.'

'Night Shadow'

Artist statement:

'On a scary night I saw lots

of different night colours.

The frog was interesting as it lay

still in the night air.

I could hear the car coming,

but could only see the lights,

I felt a little bit frightened

but excited as well.'

- Justine Rose October 2012

Acrylic on canvas and

photographic works from


held 5 to 24 October 2012