The Artworks

Portraits of inspirational Northern Rivers identities

from the Northern Rivers Portrait Prize's

Salon des Refuses,

on view from the 23rd March to the 23rd April 2012.

'The Chicken Man'

Subject: Dr Lindsay Murray

Oil based enamel

by Duncan James

Artist Statement

The chicken farmer of Mullumbimby,

Dr Lindsay Murray is the subject for my portrait

painting, titled, 'The Chicken Man'.

He is a highly regarded member of the Mullumbimby

community and local farmers’ markets where he sells his

'heritage' organic chickens, ducks and turkeys.

He made the transition from Western Australia

as an emergency physician six years ago,

to return to his roots of living on the land,

in the context of farming in which he choose the

NR region to bring his life-long dreams to fruition.

His farming mission is not only to breed up rare and

heritage breeds of an assortment of animals, but to

engage the community on the benefits of healthy living

thru the ideals of self-sufficiency and sustainable living.

In my work, my first completed in 2012,

thru many layers of translucent washes of oil based paint,

I wanted to capture his human essence as well as his

good natured characteristics, not only the nurturing

of his animals but of the local community,

this is the 'Chicken Man'...................

-  Duncan James, January 2012

'My Most Familiar Face'

Subject: Peter Jones

Oil on canvas

by Rosie Jones

Artist Statement

This is Peter Jones, the man I love.

We have walked along the path of life

together for twenty years, making plans,

dreaming, doing stuff, meeting people,

making beautiful babies and having fun.

Peter Jones means so much to me.

He is my number one friend,

admirer and protagonist.

He is also my number one antagonist

being the first to be honest when it’s needed.

He is a wonderful father to our children,

loving them openly, both of us striving

for the balance to nurture their upbringing

in the best way we can.

Through his work,

teaching about self-awareness,

and helping businesses get the

best out of their people

by transcending conflict,

he contributes to the Northern Rivers community.

Peter has a handsome, interesting face

sculpted by forty-five years

of the laughs and frowns of life.

- Rosie Jones

'A Matter of Principal'

Subject: Helen Rae

Acrylic on canvas

Wilson Park School Principal

by Anne Slade

Artist Statement

Chaos could perhaps describe Helens’ work-a-day life.

But this amazing lady is quietly and confidently in charge of the daily learning

of the special children at Wilson Park School, Wyrallah Road, East Lismore NSW.

I hesitated to attempt the portrait, which I had included on my ‘bucket list’,

with time constraints, due to holidays and the exhibition’s approaching deadline.

But a recent article in the local paper, where a parent described

the dedication of the principal of his child’s school,

even to the extent of greeting each child on arrival each day’,

put my determination into gear, as I wished to acknowledge

my admiration and respect for Helen Rae.

 The painting is perhaps directed toward the ‘children', who are the focus of Helen's attention.

The colourful choice is also a reference to the Olympic year,

using the colours of the Olympic rings and indirectly referring to the achievements of the

special people who go on to astound us with their efforts at the ‘Special Olympics’.

Similarly, at Wilson Park School, Helen and her dedicated staff instil

participation, concern for others and effort, as the main focus.

- Anne Slade


Subject: Mitchell Laurie


January 2012

by Jan Ford

Artist Statement

Whilst contemplating several people

involved in valuable community projects,

and others who could be the subject of my entry,