Open Doors

Members - Open Doors

10th JULY 2009: Official opening of Open Doors

a group exhibition by members of the Serpentine Community Gallery on Friday, from 6pm.

An exhibition about home and community

that showcases the work of this community gallery’s members.

In the great tradition of Serpentine openings,

there’ll be art, music,

performance and visual projections.

(And maybe a wee drop of wine...)

So, check out

our local artists’ perspectives on

our community

– and have a chat with them.

Open Doors runs until July 24.

 Local artist Chang created this artwork,

 Welcome Home, on a roll-up blind.

Themed artworks by members fill the gallery for Open Doors

 Glass figures by Alan Ussher

Patchwork quilt by Caroline Carey

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

Summer Holidays at the Pool

Oils on Board

by Corinne Batt-Rawden

Artist unknown

Artist unknown