Anna Somos-Feliz

'Wrecked 1'

'Wrecked 2'

'Wrecked 5'

'Wrecked 6'

'Frazer Dock'

photography - framed prints

from Vollies - September/October 2016


metal print

from Under the Radar - May/June 2016

'My Lesbian Self'

ink and pastel

'Paper Flowers'

mixed media

'Paper Flower'

mixed media

from on a paper plane

April/May 2016

'Finding Inspiration'

mixed media on canvas


mixed media on board

from @ Bridge st

March 2016

'White Rein'

acrylic, pastel, ink copy

'Owl Blue'

acrylic, pastel, ink copy

from Favourites - February/March 2014

Artist's Statement - 'One beautiful thing in everyday'


I aspire to live my life with passion.

I create artworks that aim to transfer this passion

through viewing the duality of what we see with our minds

and feel with our hearts.

My creation process is a balancing continuum;

I lavishly colour spontaneously and produce detail in conscious meditation.

I balance visuals contrasting light and colours, with feelings and insight

enhancing emotion and warmth.

I use mixtures of graphite, inks, pastels and watercolours

depending on the layering technique and the tone of the image.