CreativExchange @ Lismore Show '12

Members, volunteers & friends - Creative Exchange @ Lismore Show

18th to 20th OCTOBER 2012: Serpentine Community Gallery

CreativExchange and Arts Cafe @ Lismore Show

daily, Thursday to Saturday, from 9am until midnight.

The North Coast National Agricultural and Industrial Society has invited the Serpentine

Community Gallery to host our 3rd creative arts space and cafe at the Lismore Trade Show.

Serpentine artists, members, volunteers and friends have had lots of fun at the last two shows,

and some great works have been created in our open and inviting public arts space.

We aim to represent the arts community of the region, and to offer a relaxing hands-on experience

to members of our broader community who might not usually have access to the arts.

This year to share with and enrich our community,

Serpentine's CreativExchange @ Lismore Show will offer:

* In the Arts Space *

-  skill sharing sessions

- demonstrations

- arts workshops

- artists on hand to provide

assistance to people

interested in creating art

* In the Cafe *

- tea, coffee

- water, cold drinks

- yummy cakes and sweets

- delicious fruit

- a peaceful place to relax

and regroup

In celebration of 2012 Australian Year of the Farmer the good people at the Lismore Show

have asked us to run a Scarecrow Making workshop,

and one of our artists has kindly donated the idea and materials for

a Paper Pot Making & Flower Seeding workshop.

Other free arts activities provided by Serpentine members will include

group mandala and mural painting, clay creations, screen printing and a Kids Art Club.

We'll also set up a temporary gallery at the show, with paintings, ceramics, installations,

sculptures and a great selection of other styles of creative works by local artists, to inspire,

and to be admired, discussed and maybe find a new home.

Try this link to view a program of the free arts workshops Serpentine will hold at the show

What's On at the North Coast National - CreativExchange

CreativExchange @ Lismore Show 2012

Gallery director Corinne Batt-Rawden serves delighted artist Ray Parry the cafe's

first cuppa for the 2012 Lismore Show