Siamese Whiskers

Siamese Whiskers @ the Serpentine 2010 - Live gig

28th AUGUST 2010: a live gig by Siamese Whiskers

takes place at the Serpentine Community Gallery on Saturday, from 6pm.

Siamese Whiskers was initially formed as a recording project based on the idea of a musical game of Chinese Whispers - where one person records a track  that is chopped up by subsequent members who put their own touches to the sound. While the recording project has yet to reach completion, the group are eager to perform their first live gig."The idea will be loosely the same," said member Rohan Langford about the gig. "We'll each take a feed from the previous SW member

and make what we want with that sound.

 All SW members will contribute their audio signal to the mix

as well as sending it to the next member.

The result - well I would (usually) describe it as reasonably restrained sonic chaos."

Fangs Of A TV Evangelist


Die On Planes

will continue to rock

the gallery following

the performance by

Siamese Whiskers.

Join us at the Serpentine

for a night of music

with an edge.

If you missed the event

and would like to see the

Siamese Whiskers'

first live gig,

follow the link to

Siamese Whiskers


the Serpentine 2010.

While this link

takes you

to the night's


Fangs Of A TV Evangelist



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