Naikia Taylor

Naikia Taylor performs with Bandwagon

'The Dip'

mixed media

from the exhibition

in my heart jelly

held in October 2013

'Green Cow'

'Red Cow'

'Pink Cow'

Artist statement: 'I can paint a cow, I can draw, I can do a picture of a cow and I can use a paintbrush.'

- Naikia Taylor, October 2012

Ink and posca pen print works from the exhibition


held from the 5th to the 24th October 2012

'A Big Tree'

Mixed media

'I Can Make a Blue Ocean'

Mixed media

from Wild Dreams September 2011

'This is Me'

Collage and mixed media

'Self Portrait'


from Don't go all Mary Poppins on Us Now!

September/October 2010

Above: glazed ceramic tiles - NFS

Left: 'Rockstar Painting'

- mixed media on canvas

from veryAbility November/December 2009

'Making art makes me happy,

I like it because it’s good fun.  My work is a series of self portraits. I had a lot of fun trying different techniques and using my body to make art.'

from Beyond Logic and Reason