Suzy Maloney

'Strong Frog'

oil on canvas

from It's the Little Things - December 2015

'High in the Sky'

oil on canvas

from Ochre - October/November 2015


Oil on Board

from Place - the Serpentine Community Gallery Art Prize

held in August 2015

'Egret Flying'

Oil on canvas

from Moving - June 2015

'Let Me In There'

mixed media collage from recycling bin

'Play It Again Sam' - March 2015

'Dreaming Together'

oil on board

'Dreaming Together'

prints as cards

from Who-o-o Are You?

February 2015

'Frog Love'

oil on canvas


 oil on board

from Smalls

December 2014

'Lioness walking’

oil on board

Artist Statement

I am a local artist

with a passion for all animals, domestic and wild.

This is a lioness I saw on safari in Botswana.

 We were surrounded by a pride of lions

while we changed the tyre on our vehicle.

Painting this lioness takes me back to that moment.


oil on board

Artist statement

I am an artist

living on the Northern Rivers

and this painting

depicts my environment.

Each ‘window’

shows a different aspect

of where I live.

works from Walking in tall grass - November 2014