Final Lismore Poetry Soiree

Stefanie Petrik & Jax Jackie Brown - Final Lismore Poetry Soiree

Stefanie Petrik & Jax Jacki Brown's

Final Lismore Poetry Soiree - A Public Event

Date: Thursday 25th October 2012

Time: 6:00pm    

Venue: The Serpentine, 17a Bridge Street, Lismore

Come and send off Lismore local poets Jax Jacki Brown & Stefanie Petrik.

Bring your best ideas and poems, there will be an open mic as well as music and some featured readers (TBA). This will be your last chance to buy their books and hear them perform in your local area for some time

- as they are leaving, Melbourne-bound.

List of featured poets is still being assembled - but could very well include YOU, if you want

to share your poems. So far on the list:

Stefanie Petrik // Jax Brown // Christine Strelan // Tanya Delys Mandorla // Lizzie Tree //

Emma Burrows // Brent Downes (Brisbane) // Carly Bryan (Brisbane) // Mariska Pinkerton // Fiona Strelan // caz and Fanny //

Dracopede (special spoken word set!) //

plus more, TBA.

Let's send these two off

in a creative flurry

of color, sound, experiments,

love and good humor.

Be there,

or be somewhere

far less interesting.

Attendees are encouraged

to bring a plate of food

to share.

* Stefanie Petrik (right) featured on Queensland-based arts collective Synaptic Graffiti's Memory: Video Poetry DVD,

(A release celebration was held at the Serpentine in November 2010.)

On the night

Serpentine member Shay Collyer and,

compiling a list of featured readers, Stefanie Petrik.

All eyes and ears focus on poets Tanya Delys Mandorla, Stefanie Petrik and Mariska Pinkerton.

Jax entertains the fireside crowd

caz and Fanny